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RASH Movement in France /// Antifa: Chasseurs de Skins (Hunters of Skins) – (w/ English Subtitles)

Antifa: Chasseurs de Skins (Hunters of Skins) – (w/ English Subtitles)

The term skinhead used to be used to refer to any members of certain youth subcultures who had shaved heads. In the late 70’s neo-Nazi’s adopted the skinhead look and the term skinhead became synonymous with shaved head Nazi youth (and still is to this day). This documentary is about how groups of anarchist punks, black Frenchmen, immigrants, and other anti-fascists put a stop to neo-Nazi skinhead violence in France.

Paris beginning of the 80’s the Skinhead movement came to France, and is about to make headlines for the decade to follow, at once provocative and racist crimes. Bands are formed and develop a real guerrilla warfare to counter the fascist offensive.

Their reasoning: the fight against fascism and racism by any means necessary even if their opponents turn against the violence they employ.

Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 12 July 2008 (France)
Filming Locations: Paris, France


Redskins aus Südamerika – Santiago de Chile

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Contra Xenphobia – Bleibt sportlich, schafft No-Go Areas für Neonazis!

Konsequent gegen Rassismus, Antisemitismus, Antiziganismus, Nationalismus und soziale Ausgrenzung! Wir bleiben sportlich! Schafft NO-GO Areas für Neonazis!

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